Fresh, Delicious, Sustainable Seafood

Taste is subjective, quality is a fact.

When your cravings call for a seafood feast, think about dropping an anchor at Hammerhead’s On Ottawa. Dive into our Spicy Szechuan Calamari, Jaffna Spiced Fish or BC Halibut Fish & Chips and discover why we’re one of Hamilton’s Favourite seafood spots!

From Our Place, to Yours

Our Delicious Story

A little boy had a dream of opening a restaurant. His favourite memories growing up were digging clams and catching flounder and mackerel in NS. Always drawn to the sea, when he found his home in Crown Point in Hamilton he felt called to bring the tastes of the sea to his community. Sustainability, traceability, freshness and supporting community are at the heart of Hammerhead’s. He is blessed to have family, friends, employees and his community supporting him. 

Daily Specials


3 Piece Haddock Special: $20


Wednesday Wild Card


Shrimp Vindaloo or Jaffna Curry: $11


$5 off all 6 Piece Fish Fry, Fries & Slaw

Fruits of the Sea

Sustainably sourced, freshly prepared with east end love

2 piece Fogo Island Cod


Sustainably sourced from Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

Scallops & Shrimp


Selva Shrimp served with our side scallops from Maine.

Shrimp Vindaloo


Spicy-and-tangy curry from Goa.

4 Piece Rockfish Meal


Sustainably sourced Family Feast from Vancouver Island. B.C, with Chips and Housemade Slaw.

Catch What We're Cookin'!

Fresh From the Sea to Your Plate

They Love Our Food!

What can we say? We’ve got friends! But… we always want more, so come say “Ahoy!” and let us feed you!

""Best fish and chips in Ontario"
Ivy Knight
Globe & Mail, Vice, Conde Nast & Playboy
"Every plate of fish and chip I have had at Hammerhead's has restored my faith in the classic pub meal."
Suresh Doss
CBC-Metro Morning
"The taste of fresh fish is enhanced by equally crispy home cut fries."
Diane Galambos
Hamilton Spectator